Rebuttal Demos for Real3D-Portrait

Rebuttal Demo 1: Motion Adapter versus Deformation Field

To better demonatrate the superiority of motion adapter to morph the 3D face, we provide a demo that visualizes the depth and color image of the deform-based model (replace the motion adapter with HiDe-NeRF's deformation field) and our motion adapter-based model when driven by an audio.

Rebuttal Demo 2: I2P model performing Multi-View Synthesis

To better demonatrate that our image-to-plane (I2P) model could reconstruct the 3D face mesh given the source image, we extract the I2P model form the Real3D-Portrait's final checkpoint, and directly volume renders the canonical tri-planes produced by the I2P model.

Rebuttal Demo 3: Real3D-Portrait generalizes well with Diffcult Source Images

In the following video, we should that our image-to-plane model and motion adapter could well handles source image with arbitrary expression. For instance, large-opened mouth, lowered jay, and closed eyes.

Post-Rebuttal Demo 1: Mesh Visualization between Real3D-Portrait and Deformation Field

To better compare the predicted geometry (both depth and surface normals), we follow the instructions from EG3D in this link . We can see that our method with I2P model and motion adapter could reconstruct good geometry while the deformation field

Post-Rebuttal Demo 2: Lowered yaw expression source image

In the following demo, we show that our I2P model and Motion Adapter generalize well to hard source images with a lowered yaw expression.


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